Design 21 can provide a thorough, unbiased, confidential and professional assessment of residential and commercial properties. Whether you are a buyer or seller, or a property owner seeking a loan, or a realtor seeking a per-listing inspection, our licensed, insured, and registerd professionals can provide the services you require, including FHA/HUD inspections.

Services Include

  • FHA Home Inspections

  • Single family exterior and interior reports

  • Multi-family building exterior and interior reports

  • Repair Cost Estimates

  • Town-home and Condominium inspections

  • Three (3) certified/licensed inspectors on staff


Feature 1

Inspection of a building to assess structural and facade repairs. It takes a keen eye and years of experience to produce accurate and complete assessment reports. 

Feature 2

Condominium Association inspections for building reserve study and technical assessment. 

Feature 3

Commercial building exterior facade "Thermal Insulation Performance Study," Glass enclosure assessment.