Our expertise in building assessment and building component evaluation feature professional inspectors with over 30 years of experience each.

Our building evaluations extend to the services stated below.


  • Field inspections & structural evaluations

  • Findings reports

  • Court testimony as expert witness

  • Corrective procedure reports

  • Detail assessment and evaluation of plans specifications and cost analysis of work pertaining to multifamily high-rise buildings.

  • Building facade inspections

  • Building critical facade reports and corrective procedures reports

  • Repair cost estimates

  • Life Safety building evaluation reports

  • ADA assessment reports


Feature 1

Owner Requested exterior facade evaluation report to assess: masonry, concrete decks, steel rails, steel channels, masonry cracks and water proofing.

Feature 2

Required exploratory inspection of composite masonry walls systems, flashing evaluation, water leaks, and masonry deterioration.

Feature 3

Municipality requirements exterior critical facade examination reports hands on wall inspection and assessment.


Final reports after inspection and assessment.